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Babe and I are not your conventional traveler.  We do not stay in one place when we travel especially if we are wandering around the Philippines in which most islands are just 1 or 2 boat hours away from one another. In this three day long weekend we decided to visit three islands in three days with a friend and my sister.

Kalanggaman Island, Ormoc City, Camotes Island Travel Itinerary and Expenses



Cebu City to Kalanggaman Island via Bogo City, Cebu


Time Particulars Cost/person
4:30am Van to Bogo 200.00php
6:30am Arrival in Bogo
Breakfast in McDonalds 100.00php
Buy Food to Bring in Kalanggaman Island 200.00/person
Bogo Proper to barangay Siocon 37.50
9:00am Depart from Bogo to Kalanggaman 1,500.00/person
11:00am Arrival in Kalanggaman Island
Environmental Fee 150.00 php
Enjoy the Island
Eat and Swim


Travel Tip:

  1. From Cebu City ride a bus from the North Bus Terminal to Bantayan. It will pass by Bogo or ride a van directly to Bogo.
    1. Aircon bus – 220.00 php
    2. Non-aircon bus – 120.00 php
    3. Van to Bogo – 100.00 php
  2. Kalanggaman Environmental Fee is 150.00php
  3. Day Tour Boat is 7000.00php that can carry up to 20 persons.
    1. Contact tatay Toni 09073883283
  4. Read here how to go to Kalanggaman.


Kalanggaman Island to Ormoc City


Time Particulars Cost/person
4:00pm Kalanggaman to Palompon Leyte 350.00 php
4:45pm Arrival in Palompon Leyte
Walk to Van Terminal
5:00pm Palompon, Leyte to Isabel, Leyte (Jeep) 30.00 php
5:40pm Arrival in Isabel Leyte
6:00pm Isabel Leyte to Ormoc City (van) 70.00 php
7:00pm Arrival in Ormoc City
Tricycle to Niko’s Ark Voyager’s Inn 7.00 php
7:15pm Check In at Niko’s (1,200 good for 4) 300.00 php
7:30pm Fresh’n up
8:30pm Niko’s Ark Voyager’s Inn to Ormoc Food Bazar 7.00 php
8:45pm Ormoc Food Bazar Dinner 250.00 php
10:00pm Ormoc Food Bazar to Niko’s Ark Voyager’s Inn 7.00 php
11:00pm Lights out


Travel Tip

  1. Our boatman from Bogo City arranged our boat to Palompon Leyte.
  2. You can also opt to ride a boat to Palompon from M
  3. Palompon, Leyte to Ormoc City
    1. Van – 110.00 php
    2. Jeep via Isabel Leyte.
      1. Jeep Palompon to Isabel is 30.00php
    3. Niko’s Ark Voyager Inn, we had a family room good for 4 person for 1,200.00 php. AC and with own CR. (cute place but not good service, read review here)


Ormoc City to Camotes Island


Time Particulars Cost/person
7:00am Wake Up
Walk to Mayong’s Bakeshop and Snackhouse (breakfast)
8:30am Mayong’s to Ormoc City Port 7.00 php
We did not get a ticket for a boat but we did meet someone to let us ride a pumpboat to Pilar, Camotes
9:30am Ormoc City Port to Lake Danao Junction Tricycle (450.00) 112.50 php
10:30am Arrival in Junction
11:00am Junction to Lake Danao 50.00 php
Rent a boat to view point (150.00) 37.50 php
Enjoy view point
Eat talaba sisig (100.00/serving) free by our friend
12:30pm Lake Danao to Semangan (habalhabal) 150.00 php
1:00pm Arrival in Semangan
1:15pm Semangan to Niko’s Ark Voyager’s Inn 10.00 php
Prepare Things
1:30pm Niko’s Ark Voyager’s Inn to Lorenzo’s Cafe 7.00 php
Lorenzo’s Café Lunch 300.00 php
Walk to Van Terminal
2:45pm Ormoc City to Merida Leyte (Owen’s Furniture) 70.00 php
3:30pm Arrival Merida Owen’s Furniture
From Owen’s Furniture walk to Seashore
3:45pm Merida to Cawit, Pilar Camotes 300.00 php
4:15pm Arrival in Pilar Proper Camotes
5:00pm Pilar Camotes to Cawit, Pilar Camotes
Check In at Coraza’s Cliffyard 250.00 php
Dinner (Buy food outside) 100.00 php
10:00pm Lights Out


Travel Tip

  1. Click here on how to go to Camotes from Ormoc City.
  2. In going to Lake Danao either:
    1. Take a multicab from Ormoc Terminal
    2. Fastest and easiest is by habalhabal. Contact Orlan 09951555510. He is nice and kind and would take good care of you in going to and from Lake Danao. You can meet Orlan at Semangan Shell Gasoline Station. Ormoc City proper to Semangan fare is 10.00php
  3. Coraza’s Cliffyard is highly recommended. Owners are generous, warm, and kind. Read review here. Contact Ate Nita 09997870660.

Day 3

Camotes Island to Danao City


Time Particulars Cost/person
7:00am Wake up
Swim and Chill in the beach
Light Breakfast (free from the resort)
9:00am Cawit Camotes to Jagutapay Tudela Camotes 200.00php
9:20am Arrival in Jagutapay Tudela Camotes
9:30am Jagutapay Tudela to Santigao Bay Camotes (multicab) 300.00php
11:30am Arrival in Santiago Bay
11:45am Lunch 250.00php
Camotes Short Tour (Tricycle Tour 1000.00php) 250.00php
   Lake Danao (Entrance + pedalboat) 170.00php
   Buho Rock 20.00php
Camotes to Danao City 250.00php
Arrival in Danao City
Total Expenses 6,042.50php


Travel Tip

  1. There is a ferry that will go straight to Danao City from Cawit, Pilar Camotes. Jumar Ferry that leaves 4:30am daily.
  2. Cawit Pilar to Jagutapay Tudela is more or less 30 minute boat ride. You can contact kuya Eddie at 09233662626 for the pumpboat and it is just 200.00 fare. You can also contact him if you are going to Cawit from Tudela.
  3. Tudela to Santiago Bay or San Francisco Camotes is 35km. or 1 hour ride.
    1. Habalhabal 300 per person
    2. Multicab 1,500 good for 15-20 people. We get a discount of the multicab because it is ate Nita’s friend.
  4. For Camotes Tour. You can contact Michael 09366684545 our ever reliable tour guide and driver for 7 years now. He has a motor for rent 500.00php for whole day. Tricycle for Camotes Tour 1000.00php for a day, just add 200.00php if including Buho Rock. The tricycle can accommodate 5-6 persons. You can also ask him to reserve your boat ticket.

What makes the trip expensive is the boat from Bogo to Kalanggaman because there are only 4 of us. The boat can accommodate up to 15 people. Also the multicab from Tudela to Santiago Bay can accommodate up to 15 persons as well. Like all of our trip, we do not restrict our food budget. The expenses that we have incurred on this trip cannot compare the fun and good memories of the experience we had and the people we meet along the way.


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