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Another long weekend, a good friend visiting and it’s summer, so what better things to do than going to the beach! And a contrarian traveler does not just visit a beach, but several beaches in different islands in one trip. The plan is to visit 3 islands in 3 days but luck in every misadventure we visited 4 islands instead. You can read about the trip here Travel Guide: Kalanggaman Island, Ormoc City, Pilar Camotes and San Francisco Camotes.

Ultimate Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide

All 4 islands are distinctly beautiful from one another but what captures our heart is the beauty of Kalanggaman Island, found in Palompon, Leyte, Philippines. It has a powdery white sand that glitters under the heat of the sun and an inviting crystal clear water.

Travel Guide Kalanggaman Island

There are several ways to go to Kalanggaman island


  1. Palompon
  2. Ormoc City
  3. Tacloban City


  1. Cebu City
  2. Mactan
  3. Bogo City
  4. Malapascua Island/Maya Port


  1. Ubay Bohol
  2. Tagbilaran City


  1. Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Palompon, Leyte to Kalanggaman Island

  1. Book in advance for a pump boat from Palompon tourism.
    1. Palompon Tourism number is 09268164005 and 09158719142
    2. Kalanggaman Pump boat rates from Palompon
      1. 3,000php 15 person capacity (v/v)
      2. 3,500php 25 person capacity (v/v)
      3. 4,000php 30 person capacity (v/v)
      4. 5,000php 40 person capacity (v/v)
  2. Ride the pump boat designated for you beside the Palompon Tourism building.

Travel Tip

  • Solo travelers and small group may ask to join other groups.
  • Palompon Tourism building is near the Palompon’s Municipal Hall and in front of the Liberty Park.
  • Bus and van terminal is 5 minutes’ walk from tourism building.

Kalanggaman island Travel Guide


Ormoc City to Kalanggaman Island

  1. From Ormoc City, ride a van to Palompon, Leyte.
    1. Ormoc City to Palompon, Leyte van fare is 110.00php
    2. The distance of the travel is 61.8km or around 1hr and 45 minutes ride.
  2. Follow Palompon, Leyte to Kalanggaman island travel guide.

Travel Tip

  • Bus and van terminal is in front of Ormoc City Port.
Ormoc City Port

Ormoc City Port

Tacloban City to Kalanggaman Island

  1. Go to Tacloban New Bus Terminal in Brgy. Abucay and ask for the van that is going to Palompon, Leyte.
    1. Tacloban City to Palompon, Leyte van fare is around 170php.
    2. Distance of the travel is 120.4km or around 3 hours ride.
  2. Follow Palompon, Leyte to Kalanggaman island travel guide above.

Cebu to Kalanggaman Island

There are several parts of Cebu that can be a start of point to Kalanggaman Island. You can choose from Cebu City, Mactan, Bogo City and Malapascua Island.

Cebu City to Kalanggaman – directly to Palompon, Leyte

1. Ride Roro Boat Cokaliong Shipping Lines in Cebu City Pier 1

  1. Cebu City Pier 1 to Palompon (8:00pm – Mon. & Thu.)
  2. Cebu City to Pier 1 to Palompon (12:00nn – Sun)
  3. Palompon to Cebu City Pier 1 (8:00am – Tue & Fri)
  4. Palompon to Cebu City Pier 1 (10:00pm – Sun)
  5. Cebu City to Palompon Cokalion rate is 395.00 php economy and 495.00 php tourist class.
  6. Cebu City to Palompon, Leyte travel time is 6 hours

2. Follow Ormoc City to Kalanggaman travel guide above.

Cebu City to Kalanggaman via Ormoc City

Where to eat in Kalanggaman island

Grilling Station

Bogo City to Kalanggaman Island

  1. Bogo City to Kalanggaman Island
    1. Charter a pump boat. You can contact tatay Toni 09073883283.
      1. Travel time is 2-3 hours depending on sea condition.
      2. Click here how to go to Bogo City from Cebu City.
    2. Ride a roro boat the Super Shuttle Ferry to Palompon City
      1. Bogo City to Palompon travel schedule is daily at 12:00nn
      2. Palompon to Bogo City travel schedule is daily at 7:30 am
      3. Fare rates contact 09156466857 or 09998899999
      4. Travel time is 3 hours.

Travel Tip

  • This is ideal for groups if you want to have a day tour or overnight stay in Kalanggaman Island.
  • For day tour, have a side trip to Capitancillo islet in Bogo City.
Bogo to Kalanggaman

Pump boat Bogo City to Kalanggaman Island

Malapascua Island/Maya Port to Kalanggaman Island

  1. Charter a pump boat at Maya Port or through your resort.
    1. Pump boat rates are depending on the size of the boat and range 2,500.00 php to 6,000.00 php round trip.
    2. Travel time is 2-3 hours depending on sea condition.
    3. Some of the pump boats include food in their rates.

Mactan Cebu via Cordova

We heard there are several travel and tour companies offering a day trip from Mactan Cebu via Cordova to Kalanggaman Island.

  1. Check M/B Island Pride – Kalanggaman Tour Rates starts at 1,800.00 php. This excluding of cottages and fees but includes food and snacks.
  2. Check Cebu Tours – Kalanggaman Day tour rates starts at 3,150.00 php for local and 3,650.00 php for foreign. This includes fees, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Manila to Kalanggaman Island

There is no direct flight to Palompon, Leyte or Ormoc City. The nearest is either via Tacloban or Cebu.

  1. Book a flight to Tacloban, Leyte or Cebu City.
  2. If from Tacloban follow Tacloban to Kalanggaman island travel guide above.
  3. If from Cebu follow Cebu City to Kalanggaman island travel guide.

Guide to Kalanggaman island


Bohol to Kalanggaman Island

Option 1

  1. Go to Ubay Bohol
    1. Ubay Bohol is 96.5km away from Tagbilaran City
    2. Tagbilaran City to Ubay Bohol fare is van 200 php, bus 150 php
  2. From Ubay Port ride a roro boat or motor boat to Bato Leyte or Hilongos, Leyte.
    1. Boat fare is 250 php to 290 php
    2. The schedule is daily 9:00 am and 12:00nn.
  3. From Bato, Leyte or Hilongos, Leyte, ride a bus to Palompon, Leyte.
  4. Follow Palompon to Kalanggaman Island travel guide above.

Option 2

  1. Ride a boat to Cebu City
    1. Click here for Oceanjet Schedule and rates
    2. Click here for Supercat schedule and rates
    3. Click here for Lite Shipping schedule and rates
  2. Follow Cebu City to Kalanggaman Island travel guide above.

Best Beach Island in the Philippines: Kalanggaman Island


Where to Stay in Kalanggaman Island

Staying overnight in Kalanggaman is highly recommended to capture more of the islands raw beauty.

  1. Bring your own tent and look for a convenient place on the island.
  2. Rent a tent at Hinablayan Outdoors beside the Palompon tourism office. First come first serve basis. Contact number 099889994276.
    1. Tent rental rate is 300/person (good for 4 tent) and 250/person (good for 2 tent)
    2. Deposit of 200 php plus valid ID
  3. Jeter Resort, Kalanggaman West Wing.
    1. Teepee Huts – Teepee room rate is 1,000 php good for 4 persons. Includes monoblock (1 table and 4 chairs)
    2. For bookings contact 09175874984
Where to stay in Kalanggaman Island

Teepee Huts for rent are Kalanggaman Island’s Accommodation

What to do in Kalanggaman Island


Enjoy the sand bar

Have fun walking in the long stretch soft white sand bar of the island. It’s shifting sandbars gives a bird view from above, hence the name Kalanggaman “langgam” means bird.

Kalanggaman Island Sandbar

The sandbar

Swim in the clean and crystal blue water

Have fun swimming in the glassy blue water of Kalanggaman Island.

Going to Kalanggaman Island

Take delight in Camping

It is not every day or every travel that you get to camp on a beautiful island.

Tent for rent Kalanggaman island

Explore the whole island

Kalanggaman Island is just 753 meters of land mass and exploring the whole island would just take an hour or two of your time. Visit the raw yet equally beautiful other side of Kalanggaman Island.

Walking in Kalanggaman Island

The less visited side of Kalanggaman Island

If you go to the back side of the island you will witness fruit bearing trees and covering the white sand are either rocks or damaged cement or asphalt road. Hubby’s theory: These are asphalt road built during the world war for American troops, tanks, and trucks to easily navigate to the island.

The other side of Kalanggaman island

Some fruit bearing trees

Have fun with these exciting activities

Jet Ski – 4,500/hour, Banana boat – 500/ride per 5/pax, kayak – 150/hour, snorkeling – 200/hour and fat bike 150/hour and scuba diving.

Kalanggaman island Activities

Kalanggaman Island Rates and Fees


Particulars Day Tour Rate Overnight Rate
International Tourist 500.00 php 750.00 php
Non-Palompon Tourist 150.00 php 225.00 php
Non-Palompon College Students 40.00 php 60.00 php
Non Palompon High School Students 30.00 php 45.00 php
Non Palompon Elem. Pupil 20.00 php 30.00 php
Non Palompon Senior Citizen 120.00 php 180.00 php
Small 250.00 php
Medium 500.00 php
Large 700.00 php


Kalanggaman Island Travel Notes


  • Bring enough food and water. There is no restaurant on the island but there are grilling stations. There are water and drinks for sale on the island but for a much higher price.
  • Campfires are not allowed on the island.
  • Never swim in the sandbar area. This has strong riptides.
  • Comfort rooms are available on the island.
  • There is no electricity in Kalanggaman Island but there are few solar lighting installations available.
  • Decent mobile networks available for call and text.
  • Be a responsible tourist and follow the “Leave No Trace” rule.

More instagrammable photo of the island

Kalanggaman island itineraray

Beautiful kalanggaman island

Milk white sandbar of Kalanggaman island

Best Summer destination: Kalanggaman island

Powdery Kalanggaman island sand

Walking Around Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman island, a hidden gem of Leyte that we highly recommend for everybody to visit and witness paradise here on earth.

Note from Geemiz

If you have traveled to Moalboal just recently and found any misinformation in this article, kindly contact Geemiz through comment down below or through social media and we would gladly update the details listed here.


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