A Guide to Mount Mago: A Boundary Climb


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Have you been to two places at the same time? Of course you have been and in fact many times. But! Have you been in one place for three locations at the same time? Not impossible if you climb Mago Peak, a mountain located within the boundaries of three northern Cebu municipalities namely Carmen, Danao and Tuburan.

Travel Guide to Mago Peak or Mt Mago

Day Hike Travel Guide to Mago Peak or Mt. Mago via Santican, Carmen, Cebu

One of the many beautiful mountains of Cebu that you should try to hike is Mount Mago. An experience you will not forget and regret.

Carmen Day Tour Itinerary with a focus on Mago Peak Day Trek

Time Particulars Cost
5:30am Cebu City to Carmen 45.00 php
7:00am Arrival Carmen Public Market
7:15am Buy food in Carmen Public Market ( no food stalls in Santican) 100.00 php
Look for habalhabal
7:30am Carmen Market to Barangay Santican, Carmen 100.00 php
8:30am Arrival in Santican, Carmen (Drop Off barangay hall)
Register in barangay hall
8:40am Start Trek to Mago Peak
10:30am Arrival at Mago Peak w/ photo ops along the road
Enjoy the view
Eat snacks
11:30am Start Descent from Mago Peak w/ photo ops along the way
Guide (No fix rate yet) The habalhabal driver was our guide 100.00 php
1:00pm Arrival in Santican barangay Hall
Eat lunch
1:30pm Start Carmen Cebu Tour from upper Carmen (Discuss w/ habalhabal driver) 400.00 php
St. Benedict Monastery
Durano ECO Farm 60.00php
Uragay Cold Spring 50.00 php
Middle Earth Resort (Mangitngit Falls) 60. 00 php
5:30pm Carmen Public Market to Cebu City 45.00 php
7:30pm Arrival in Cebu City

Mount Mago Peak Guide

How to go to Carmen Cebu

  1. Ride a bus from North bus terminal.
  2. Ride a jeep from White Gold Cebu (Queen City Side).
  3. Ride a jeep from Sungold along White Gold.
  4. Ride a jeep from Hiway Mandaue.

Santican Barangay Hall

How to go to Mago Peak or Mt. Mago

  1. From Cebu City Ride a bus or jeep to Carmen Public Market.
  2. Look for habalhabal that will take you to barangay Santican.
  3. Drop off point is Santican Barangay Hall.
  4. Register in the barangay hall.
  5. Ask for a guide from the barangay hall.
  6. Start your wonderful trek from the barangay hall to Mago Peak.

Mago Peak Boundary Danao, Carmen, and Tuburan

What to expect in Mount Mago Climb

  • Beautiful mountain view of the towns of Danao, Carmen, and Tuburan.
  • Not fully concrete road.
  • Instagram-worthy scenery to barangay Santican.

How to go to Mt Mago

  • The trek is mostly uphill so make sure that your legs is well rested before the climb.
  • The trek can take up to 1.5 hours one way including photo ops.
  • 7km from Santican barangay hall to Boundary marker of Danao, Carmen, Tuburan.
  • Increase in heart rate is normal. My highest heart rate is 180 even though I exercise everyday.

To Mago Peak Carmen

  • The climb is tiring but worth it.
  • The windows like wallpaper view is halfway to Mago Peak.
  • Climbing to the peak is an open land so be ready to soak under the heat of the sun.

What to do in Carmen Cebu

Travel Tip when Climbing Mount Mago

  • Exercise before the climb to make sure that you have enough endurance.
  • 500ml of water is enough for a one way trek only.
  • The only house you will pass by near the peak is generous to give you drinking water if you ask.
  • Bring more food to share to your guide.
  • Wear a hat, light clothing, hiking footwear, and bring a towel.
  • Wear sunscreen.

Mago Peak in Carmen Cebu

  • When you reach the Lhuillier Ranch (plain field with horses and cows) you are near the drop off point.
  • Ask for a habalhabal driver that is familiar in going to Santican. There are parts of the road that needs expertise of the road.
  • Always check the weather 5 days before visiting the place and avoid visiting when it is raining or when it rained the night before. The path will be really muddy and slippery.
  • Camping is available in the area, just coordinate with the barangay officials of Santican, Carmen.

Mount Mago in Carmen Travel Guide

If you love the mountains or you love to go for an adventure then Mago Peak or Mount Mago is worth a visit.

Reminder to all trekkers please be responsible and follow the Leave No Trace (LNT) Ethics.


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There is so many places to see..good pictures..thanks for sharing the details.

I haven’t done any mountain or hill climbing yet. Looks really scenic! Should try it one day.

This place is amazing! I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when thinking of where to go next.

Very nice! The view looks amazing from up there

I like hiking and this looks like not a hard one with wonderful views on the way up to Mago Peak. It’s good to know how much the cost of the day would be also.

ohhh! might try to climb here the next time i visit cebu. looks lovely!

Can I go with you? 🙂

Looks like a fun and beautiful place to visit 🙂

THX for sharing your experience…more people should do that…i think you should get a 360° Camera and start making some VR-Experiences! 🙂

Haven’t heard of Mt. Mago in Cebu. The one I’m familiar with is the Osmena Peak. I’ve starting climbing this year and I don’t know if I could go all the way to Cebu for a climb. Well, who knows? Hehe

Climb mount Mago. Osmena Peak is easier than Mount Mago but both peak has beautiful view.

Beautiful place with a nice view ?.

Looks very good my friend. And love how you also list the prices and such .
Great job !

Thanks Alan. 🙂

Hi, Geemiz! How much is the registration fee for day tour and for camping? Is it safe there for campers? By any chance, have you got any contact info of the Brgy officials?

Hi Jujo
There is no registration fee when we visited there. I believe the site is safe for campers. The second time I went there is a solo camper at the peak. I do not have a number of any barangay officials in barangay Santican. They are accomodating so you ca just pop up anytime there.

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