Travel Guide: Bohol Waterfalls


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Bohol is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is best known for the chocolate hills, tarsier, and white sand beaches in Panglao. But did you know that there is more in Bohol than the attractions mentioned above.


As a nature rich province it is not shocking that magnificent waterfalls lie around the island. In this blogpost let me guide you in a waterfalls adventure around Bohol. (We visited the waterfalls during the summer of March 2016 where temperature hits around 48-50 degrees so you might see little water in the falls)

Waterfalls of Bohol

Travel Guide: Candijay, Bohol


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You have been to Bohol and wanted to come back, but aside from the beach you have nothing else to do.  Or you wanted to visit Bohol but feels like having atypical tour. How about taking the unusual Bohol tour in the south eastern part of Bohol and to start with, let me take you to Candijay, Bohol. A 4th class municipality in the eastern side of Bohol and is 92km. away from Tagbilaran City.


A simple town with extravagant natural beauty is what I can say about Candijay. Did you know that the most picturesque rice terraces in Bohol can be found in Cadpdapan, Candijay, Bohol. I will give more details so read along.

The Highest Peak in Bohol


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I love the outdoors and especially nature. I like both mountain and sea but I have a special connection with trees and mountains. I love the peacefulness it brings and the feeling of life in it.

Mayana Peak: Highest Peak in Bohol

I go to nature to be  soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order. – John Burroughs

I am no professional mountain climber but the past months it has been filled with trekking and mountain adventures. This time I discovered that the highest peak in Bohol is not one of the chocolate hills but is a peak located in my hometown Jagna. Together with friends we climb Bohol’s highest Peak the Mayana Peak

Cebu Happy World Museum: Imagination to the Fullest


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A person’s imagination is no bound. It can go as far as conquering the world to diving the deepest Marianas Trench.

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

Cebu Happy World Museum

What if some of your imaginations can get real, well in photos to be exact? How would you like to have wings like birds and fairies or run away from dinosaurs?  Would you mind painting the Monaliza or traverse some mountains and teared up bridges? How about watching up close a Manny Pacquiao fight and visiting ancient Egypt afterwards?

3D Art Cebu Museum

Travel Guide: Waterfalls in South Cebu


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Cebu is one of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines and is best known for its annual celebration, the Sinulog Festival. During summer, visitor flocks the island to visit the pretty beaches both in the north and south.

South Cebu Waterfalls


Did you know that Cebu is also rich in waterfalls? This article will guide you to visit 5 enchanting waterfalls in the South part of Cebu in just 2 days plus side trips to the highest point of Cebu, a heritage park in the South, and a tasty ice cream.

South Cebu itinerary

Complete Itinerary Cebu South Waterfalls


Best Cebu Blog Awards 2015


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Blogging nowadays is the new media platform and together with it is social media. Most bloggers do blogging for passion and the love of writing. Best Cebu Blog Awards is a way of saying thank you to all bloggers:

Who never fail to make us happy through their personal musings.
Who informed us on what’s hot and new through their entertainment blog.
Who give us tips on how to enjoy without spending too much on travels.
Who leads us to the most foodgasmic places.
Who helps us choose the better gadget.
Who ensure that we don’t have wardrobe malfunctions.
Who inspire us the way of life through pictures.

CPA Board New Topics for Taxation and Law


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Due to the separation of Taxation from its then better half Business Law, here is the list of new topics in the Taxation and Law for the Philippine CPA Board Exam. Effectivity is on October 2017.


6.1 Scope and different types of local taxes(Limited to Real property tax, local business tax)
6.2 Tax base and tax rates
6.3 Venue and time of filing of tax returns
6.4 Venue and time of payment

List of CPA Board Exam Passers Oct. 2015


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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 5,468 out of 13,317 passed the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination given by the Board of Accountancy in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi and Lucena this October 2015.

List of CPA Board Exam Oct. 2015 Top Notchers

Oct. 2015 CPA Board Exam Top Notchers

Top Performing Schools

These are the schools with 50 or more examinees and with at least 80% Passing Percentage.

Oct 2015 CPA Board Exam Top Performing Schools

To view the full list of passers visit PRC List of CPA Board Exam Passers October 2015 but to quickly and easily view result download file here. –> October 2015 CPA Board Exam List of Passers

Changes to Philippine CPA Board Exam Syllabus


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Philippine CPA Board Exam Syllabus

New Philippine CPA Board Exam Syllabus

The news is true. There have been changes to the CPA Board Exam Syllabus and this was proposed by the Board of Accountancy headed by BoA chairman Joel Tan-Torres last June 20, 2015 and presented during the Accountancy Week Celebration on July 2015.

The Revisions
1. Reduction in the number of subjects from seven (7) to six (6)
2. Merging auditing theory and practice into one (1) subject
3. Merging of accounting theory and practice and distributing the pertinent topics in Theory of Accounts, Practical Accounting I, Practical Accounting II to Financial Accounting and Reporting and Advance Accounting
4. Segregating Business Law and Taxation into “Taxation” and “Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions”
5. Renaming Management Services to “Management Accounting and Control”

Cebu Tourism Festival for September 2015


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When ber month starts it means Christmas is just around the corner. This is the time of the year where family and friends get together. Celebrate Christmas early in September by joining the Cebu Tourism Festival.

The Cebu Tourism Festival is a month long activity of cultural shows, weekend markets in the highlands, Cebu Province Tours and a lot more.

Cebu Tourism Festival List of Activities

  • Highlands Adventure and Tabo sa Bukid – Fun-filled weekend. Grab your market basket and enjoy fresh and Cebu grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental plants and more. Optional Tour includes caving, trekking and hikes. For High Land Tours call Cebu City Tourism Commission at (032) 412-4355 at least 24 hours before the tour.