Where to Stay in Tabuelan?


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Now you know on how to go to Tabuelan, and the next question is where to stay?
The good thing about Tabuelan is that you can choose from cheap to midrange accommodations. Tabuelan has midrange resorts, homestays, and pension houses. You have an option for a fan room or Air-conditioned Room. You also have the preference of whether to stay in the heart of Maravilla Public Beach Resort or nearby areas which is equally beautiful but with fewer people.

Where to stay in Tabuelan

Where to Stay in Maravilla Beach

The most common accommodation is a setup tent, with different prices depending if it is still “public” or “Private” area. Pension houses and mini-resorts are also available.

Bethlehem de Paradise Resort a Comfortable Stay


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You can never have a Cebu northwest trip without visiting Tabuelan and experienced its beautiful white sand beaches. Since its summer most people are visiting Tabuelan’s famous beach the Maravilla Public Beach Resort and even with the number of resorts and pension houses around the area it seems not enough to accommodate the flock of people.

Bethlehem de Paradie Resort in Maravilla

Yes, you can set up a tent here but if you wanted an air-conditioned room with own bath and CR then one option is Bethlehem Paradise Resort. We stayed here during our Cebu Northwest Backpacking Trip.

Bethlehem de Paradise Resort


Metroland Resort: A Quaint Place in Maravilla Tabuelan


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A setup tent is the most common accommodation in Maravilla Beach Resort in Tabuelan. Even those who stayed at resorts still prefer to pitch their own tent. Sure thing it is fulfilling to build the place you will be staying and sleeping out of the norm in the comfort of a bed but tent accommodation is not for everyone.

Where to Stay in Maravilla Resort

This article is dedicated to those who are discouraged to visit Maravilla Beach Resort in Tabuelan because of accommodation reasons and the number of people, especially on weekend. Here is a complete guide on how to go to Tabuelan.