17km Danao City Trail – Hiking the Highlands of the City of Guns


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When the husband and I decided to do a monthly hike or trek, we did not expect to do it in our own city of Danao. Personally, I was thinking of conquering trails of the southern part of Cebu and even Cebu City which has famous trail routes, but I did not know that it is more fun looking for new trail especially in your own place.

Danao City Trail

Nature and Adventure in Danao, Bohol


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I am lucky to live in such a beautiful province and experiencing most of its beauty makes me more than blessed. Bohol is one of the must visit places for first-time travelers in the Philippines and let me share to you one of the reasons why it is a must to visit Bohol.

Danao Bohol Travel Itinerary

About Danao

Danao is a 4th income class municipality in Bohol and located 95km northeast of Tagbilaran City. It has 17 barangays and according to last 2015 census, it has a population of 17,890. The basic source of income in the town is farming.