Cebu Safari Adventure Park: Nature and Animal Love


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Several times I have passed by the massive farm estate of pawnshop magnate Michel Lhuillier. Each time, I just wanted to get a peek on what is inside most especially when I heard the locals chatter about animals and beautiful flower garden inside and I saw the beautiful horses on their ranch at one of the barangays in the highland of Carmen.

Cebu Safari Adventure Park

When I heard that the Lhuillier’s is opening their long time keep farm estate and named it Cebu Safari Adventure Park, I just can’t contain my excitement and from then on I am looking forward to getting a glimpse of the flora and fauna inside.

Beyond Mount Mago


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Reaching the top of Mago Peak the group met tatay Sonny, and after exchanging stories we found ourselves following him to his place which he said is only a 30-minute descent from Mago Peak on the Tuburan side. The rest 6-7 hours is an adventure of walking on a steep, winding and muddy mountain under a signal 1 Tropical storm warning – yes it was raining.

What to do in Mago Peak

It was Holy Week and of course long good 4 days without work. After completing all holy week rituals, what better way to spend the rest of Black Saturday than climb a mountain.

A Guide to Mount Mago: A Boundary Climb


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Have you been to two places at the same time? Of course you have been and in fact many times. But! Have you been in one place for three locations at the same time? Not impossible if you climb Mago Peak, a mountain located within the boundaries of three northern Cebu municipalities namely Carmen, Danao and Tuburan.

Travel Guide to Mago Peak or Mt Mago

Day Hike Travel Guide to Mago Peak or Mt. Mago via Santican, Carmen, Cebu

One of the many beautiful mountains of Cebu that you should try to hike is Mount Mago. An experience you will not forget and regret.