52 Week Saving Challenge Calculator


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Before anything else, I would like to greet everyone a Happy New Year. I know I have sin for not writing a year-end post but let us not cling on to what’s not but just be grateful of the new year.

For the past days there have been very good information’s circulating in the social media on how to start saving and eventually save over the year. Saving is theoretically an easy thing to imagine but hard to do and these article from Kuripot Pinay that is based from another article from Life As You Live It has open most of our eyes that saving big time is not that hard after all.

How to Save Money and Avoid Debt


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How many times have you felt that sense of anticipation to cash out or swipe your credit card to purchase attractive marked-down items at the mall? Long-awaited discounted items are strategically displayed at check-out counters or sold in a buy-one-get-one deal to entice consumers. You walk in a store and suddenly find yourself picking items not even in your list to buy.

For Cyril dela Cruz, accountant at the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) Micro-finance, impulsive buying exploits our impulses to buy our wants for instant gratification. Oftentimes, she said, it occurs when one spots something that stirs a particular passion in him/her.