The Search for the Best Beaches in Camotes Island


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Camotes Island as we all know hales the best white sand beaches in the province of Cebu. It is a go-to place during summer and even on rainy days. The island has been our adoptive home and we have been visiting this amazing island since 2010. Today, let me share with you the beautiful beaches of Camotes Island and what makes them unique from one another.

Best Beaches in Camotes Island

Must Visit Beaches in Camotes Island

Read here on how to go to go to Camotes Island

Bakhaw Beach

Location: Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Island

Cebu Safari Adventure Park: Nature and Animal Love


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Several times I have passed by the massive farm estate of pawnshop magnate Michel Lhuillier. Each time, I just wanted to get a peek on what is inside most especially when I heard the locals chatter about animals and beautiful flower garden inside and I saw the beautiful horses on their ranch at one of the barangays in the highland of Carmen.

Cebu Safari Adventure Park

When I heard that the Lhuillier’s is opening their long time keep farm estate and named it Cebu Safari Adventure Park, I just can’t contain my excitement and from then on I am looking forward to getting a glimpse of the flora and fauna inside.

Travel the World in Danao City Cebu


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Each of us dreams to travel the world and see those iconic landmarks around the globe. Who would not want to glimpse the Eiffel tower or hear the ticking of Big Ben or witness the greatness of Taj Mahal. Luckily there have been many replications of these famous landmarks that allow us to at least observe what these renowned structures look like.

Sands Gateway Mall Danao

Recently Danao City in Cebu has opened its newest lifestyle mall which is connected to the latest Danao City Port Terminal. Sands Gateway Mall is the addition to the sprouting number of malls in Danao City. The mall has opened to the public last October 2017 and currently has several numbers of restaurants, and food & beverages kiosk.

19 Km Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls Trail


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All confident, I am ready for that Sunday trail. I have been exercising every day for quite some time now and I did my stretching as what my fitness instructor has told me before that long trek. Later did I know that no workout and stretching can overcome a 10-hour mountain descent ascent walk.

Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls Trail

My feet are trembling and left knee aching. The brain is telling me to give up and ride the first habalhabal that I would see. But no, I am here to finish this. I did not walk 14km just to give up the rest 5km. Still, at pace and with the help of my beloved, we walked till we reached the beautiful Kawasan Falls, satisfied of the longest traverse by foot I have made in my 30 years of breathing.

Sardine Run, Pescador Island, Turtles & the Rich Marine Biodiversity of Moalboal


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The Philippines is blessed in terms of eco-tourism and the island of Cebu is on top of the list. The province has a lot to offer, from sea to summit. If you go south of Cebu you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls, white sand beaches, and amazing mountain ranges. And to the north more white sand beaches and yet to be explored islands.  It is a no brainer that Cebu is a must visit place when visiting the Philippines.

Cebu to Moalboal Travel Guide

Kalanggaman Island: Chalky White Sand and Crystal Clear Water


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Another long weekend, a good friend visiting and it’s summer, so what better things to do than going to the beach! And a contrarian traveler does not just visit a beach, but several beaches in different islands in one trip. The plan is to visit 3 islands in 3 days but luck in every misadventure we visited 4 islands instead. You can read about the trip here Travel Guide: Kalanggaman Island, Ormoc City, Pilar Camotes and San Francisco Camotes.

Ultimate Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide

Nature and Adventure in Danao, Bohol


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I am lucky to live in such a beautiful province and experiencing most of its beauty makes me more than blessed. Bohol is one of the must visit places for first-time travelers in the Philippines and let me share to you one of the reasons why it is a must to visit Bohol.

Danao Bohol Travel Itinerary

About Danao

Danao is a 4th income class municipality in Bohol and located 95km northeast of Tagbilaran City. It has 17 barangays and according to last 2015 census, it has a population of 17,890. The basic source of income in the town is farming.

The Sleeping Beautiful Island of Pilar Camotes


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Camotes is very well known for its beautiful long white sand beach and wide lake. But did you know that Camotes has actually 3 major islands (Pajican, Poro and Ponson) and 1 islet (Tulang). The mainland which tourist always visit and where the known white sand beach is located and the other islands – the less touristy one.

Pilar Camotes Travel Guide

Pilar Camotes Travel Guide

About Pilar Camotes

Pilar Camotes is a 5th income municipality and one of the 3 major islands of Camotes group of islands in Cebu, Philippines. It is the only town of Ponson Island. The island has 13 barangays and is about 10.6 kilometres (6.59 mi) long and 3.7 kilometres (2.30 mi) wide. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 8,613 registered voters.

The Golden Lumayag Sandbar


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Together with the beautiful beaches, the Philippines is also rich in spectacular sandbars. Bohol as known to have remarkable white sand beaches also houses beautiful sandbars that are yet to be discovered and one of it is Lumayag Sandbar in Mabini, Bohol.

Lumayag Sandbar Mabini Bohol Travel Guide

Lumayag Sandbar Travel Guide


How to go to Mabini Bohol

From Tagbilaran City

  1. Ride a bus or van at Dao Tagbilaran Integrated Terminal
    1. Van fare is 180.00php
    2. Bus fare is – 120.00php
    3. Distance from Tagbilaran to Mabini is 112km via Bohol circumferential road.
    4. Travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How to Go To Pilar Camotes


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Camotes in Cebu province is rich in beautiful white sand beaches and good hearted people. In this article let me guide you on how to go to the less touristy other island the Ponson Island of Camotes group of islands or better known as Pilar Camotes.

How to go to Pilar Camotes

How to go to Pilar, Camotes?


Via Cebu City

Cebu to Pilar Camotes

  1. Ride the Oceanjet fast craft in pier 1 to Poro Camotes.
    1. Cebu City to Camotes Fare is 500.00 php.
    2. Boat schedule Cebu City to Camotes is Daily 6:00am and 3:00pm.
    3. Travel time Cebu City to Camotes is 1.5 hours.