Fighting Against Distemper


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This is Light’s diary in fighting against distemper, a contagious viral disease that causes 70% to 80% dog fatalities. Follow this blog post and let us learn on how to give a good fight against this disease.

Light - Shih Tzu Maltese

Hi everyone, my name is Light and I am a Shih Tzu Maltese breed. Dad bought me last September 3, 2011 as a graduation gift for mom. I had all vaccinations when I was still a puppy, the same with my elder brothers Laplace (Doberman Labrador) and Cronus (Great Dane) but was not able to have a follow-up vaccine then on. But mom and dad always see to it to play with us. I often accompany mom to the plaza for her jogging.

Mitch Albom Encounter


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“In a good book the best is between the lines”. –Swedish Proverb

I am a bookworm but I am not really into signed books until I have read books of Mitch Albom. Actually I have watched the movie Tuesdays with Morrie first before reading the book. After that I feel in love on all his books. All his writing is really moving.

no 656 the first phone call from heaven

I’m here to see Mitch Albom and let him signed my book

Today – like, while writing this blogpost I am in the middle of these bookworms here in Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center, patiently waiting for Mitch Albom to be on stage talk about his books and of course have our books signed and some photo op.

Relationship: Living Happily Ever After


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Most of us want to live like a fairy tale. Having a prince charming, we can marry and live a life with happily ever after. Many damsel in distress are still waiting for their prince charming, and lucky me for I have him right here beside me – not that I am a damsel in distress and no he is not reading this article I currently write, maybe later.

We are raise with a principle that good relationships will last only and only if LOVE is present. I don’t know if it is stated in the scripture per se but I know that it is what the Church is preaching. It is what my parents, your parents and all parents are telling that LOVE will make a relationship last.

Tracing the Filipino’s Tax Money


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This article was supposed to be included in my previous post Ira Panganiban Open Letter to BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, to show to you that the government should at least give consideration to Pacquiao because he has given good name – legacy to the country and the government had not spent a single centavo for him and the Philippines as a whole receives the praise from the world.

Ira Panganiban Open Letter to BIR Commissioner Kim Henares


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Since Manny Pacquiao have returned home after winning the fight against Brandon Rios in Macau, the news both online and offline was all about the freezing of the bank accounts of the Pambansang Kamao. Many have opposed against the move of the BIR and people showed disgust to Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares

The most viral post of disapproval was made by journalist Ira Panganiban. He wrote an open letter addressed to the BIR commissioner.

Here’s the full letter:


Dear Kim Henares,

I do not doubt your sincerity to collect taxes from every Filipino, living or dead.

Improve Productivity: The Pomodoro Technique Way


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Author: Francesco Cirillo

There are people who would say that working home base is a good thing and I say yes it is. Aside from you got to just stay at home and avoid the hassle of traffic and any bad weather conditions, you can work and bond with your family at the same time. But what people do not know is that most working at home individual are struggling with their productivity for so many reasons. Like work and family time are mixed up, people tend to slack because they feel that they have lots of time to do a certain task, there are many temptations at home like TV and chatting with family members and of course no office mate will bug you if you do not do a certain task. Believe me these are true because I work at home.

Outlier: The Story of Success


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Author : Malcolm Gladwell

What are the paths of most successful people, why they are in the pedestal of where they are right now? For sure, you have the same question as I do and most people answers are that they came from a very difficult instances living in hardships and because they work, so hard that is why they become successful. Other would tell that because that person is rich or that person is genius that’s why he is successful. The question now is, do you either need to be hardworking, rich and genius to be successful?
Outlier according to Malcolm Gladwell describes things or phenomena that lie outside normal circumstances.

My First Book Club Party Experience


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Cebu Book Club has been sleeping for a while yet the CebuBookClubbers has constantly updating each and every one of their latest read and good find books. Everyone is excited to know what will happen if the book club awakes.

Here comes the anticipated moment a Book Party hosted by Cebu Book Club entitled Books, Biscuits, and Coffee Party. Thank you to the active organizers – Nancy of  The Memoriter, Ken of  Just Around the Flexure, Mimi of  ScHiZoBLoggEr, and yours truly the party was a success.

Book Review: The Hundred Year Old Man Who Jumped Out in the Window and Disappeared


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First, I want everybody to know that I am no expert about the technicalities of writing a novel nor I have a special knowledge of books. I am simply sharing to you my thoughts, realizations and anything in between during the time I read this book. Another thing I want all of you to know is that, I enjoy all books I read so probably most things here are positive.

About the book

The story is about what the title intends the reader to understand. A hundred year old man from a home for the aged decided on his 100th birthday to run away from the facility. There were two periods in the story, the present and the past.

Words of Wisdom


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“True love is selfless, it is sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of others.

That’s the reason why most saints are martyrs”.