The Golden Lumayag Sandbar


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Together with the beautiful beaches, the Philippines is also rich in spectacular sandbars. Bohol as known to have remarkable white sand beaches also houses beautiful sandbars that are yet to be discovered and one of it is Lumayag Sandbar in Mabini, Bohol.

Lumayag Sandbar Mabini Bohol Travel Guide

Lumayag Sandbar Travel Guide


How to go to Mabini Bohol

From Tagbilaran City

  1. Ride a bus or van at Dao Tagbilaran Integrated Terminal
    1. Van fare is 180.00php
    2. Bus fare is – 120.00php
    3. Distance from Tagbilaran to Mabini is 112km via Bohol circumferential road.
    4. Travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  2. There are ceres bus and van that go straight to Mabini via Jagna or the Bohol eastern circumferential road.

From Cebu

  1. Ride a boat bound for Bohol.
  2. In Bohol Port, ride a tricycle, and ask the driver that you are going to Dao Terminal.
    1. Tagbilaran Port to Dao Terminal fare is 30.00php.
  3. Follow direction above “From Tagbilaran City”.

From Luzon

  1. Fly to Tagbilaran City via PAL, Cebu Pacific or Air Asia.
  2. From Tagbilaran Airport ride a tricycle to Dao Terminal.
    1. Tagbilaran Airport to Dao Terminal fare is 30.00php.
  3. Follow direction above “From Tagbilaran City”.

From Mindanao via Jagna

  1. Ride a boat to Jagna, Bohol.
  2. From Jagna you can either:
    1. Ride a bus to Mabini, fare is 50.00php (rare)
    2. Ride a bus to La Union junction Mabini fare is 35.00php
      1. From La Union junction Mabini ride either:
        • Jeepney and fare is 25.00php
        • Habalhabal and fare is 60.00php one habalhabal. Can accommodate 2 persons.

From Ubay, Bohol

  1. Ride a bus or van going to Tagbilaran City and ask the driver to drop you off at La Union junction to Mabini.
    1. Van fare is 50.00php
    2. Bus fare is 35.00php
    3. Distance is 32 km and travel time is 40 minutes.
La Union Junction to Mabini

La Union Junction

Travel Tip

  • There are more bus going to Ubay than in Mabini. If time is of the essence then you can ride a bus going to Ubay, Bohol and ask the driver to drop you off at La Union junction going to Mabini.
  • From La Union you can either ride a habalhabal or jeepney. See above for fare.
Mabini Fishport in baybayon

Mabini Municipal Fishport


Visit here for Mabini, Bohol Travel Guide

Lumayag Sandbar

Lumayag is an atoll island. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets that surrounds a body of water called a lagoon. Lumayag Sandbar is located in Baybayon, Mabini, Bohol. It is 4km from the barangay proper and is visible during low tide and is submerged during high tide. Read here for more details about the Lumayag Island.

Guide to Lumayag Sandbar in Mabini

Lumayag Island looking at the mountains of San Antonio, Mabini

How to go to Lumayag Sandbar

  • Follow the guide above in going to Mabini.
  • From Tagbilaran City
    • Ride a bus at Dao Terminal going to Baybayon, Mabini. Bus fare is 120.00php
  • From La Union Candijay:
    • Ride a jeepney to Cabulao, Mabini fare is 25.00php
    • Ask the driver to drop you off at the habalhabal station.
    • From Cabulao ride a habalhabal to Baybayon port or tell them that you are going to Baybayon. Fare is 20.00php.
  • From Anda, Bohol
    • Ride a habalhabal or tricycle to Guindulman Market
      • Tricycle fare is 20.00php
      • Habalhabal fare is 60.00php 1 habalhabal good for 2 persons.
    • From Guidulman market ride a jeep to Cabulao Mabini and fare is 35.00php.
    • From Cabulao ride a habalhabal to Baybayon port or tell them that you are going to Lumayag. Fare is 20.00php.
  • In Baybayon port go straight to the Mabini Fishport and ask the person in charge that you are going to Lumayag Island. They will arrange a pumpboat for you.
Baybayon Port in Mabini Bohol

Entrance to Baybayon, Mabini Fish Port

Travel Tip Lumayag Sandbar

  • Pumpboat rental is 700.00php to 1000.00php depending on size. The smaller pumpboat can accommodate 5-7 persons.
  • Boat rent is good for a day. Aside from the island you can ask the pumpboat operator to take you to Naasug Cliff.
  • The island is only 4km. away from Baybayon port.
  • Travel time from Baybayon port to Lumayag Sandbar is 5 to 10 minutes depending on sea condition.
  • There are eateries/carenderia in Baybayon port.
Pumpboat for rent to Lumayag Sandbar

Small Pumpboat to Lumayag Island

What to Expect in Lumayag Sandbar

  • The island is an atoll.
  • There is one structure in the island that housed the Bantay Dagat personnel.
  • Globe and Smart signal is available. Also 3G data.
  • No store in the island so bring your own food. You can grill in the Bantay Dagat building.
  • You can snorkel and dive together with a bantay dagat personel.
  • Giant sea clams are available but for your eyes only.
  • Swimming is allowed but limited to some areas only.
  • The place is now declared as a Marine Protected Area.
  • The gathering of live sea shells and catching fish is absolutely prohibited.
  • Gathering of either small or large amount of white sands and corals are considered a violation of municipal laws.
How to go to Lumayag Sandbar

Looking at the Bantay Dagat building

If you are around Anda or is looking for a new adventure in Bohol then visit Lumayag Sandbar in Mabini.

Instagrammable Photos of/in Lumayag Sandbar

The beautiful lumayag sandbar

The beautiful Lumayag Sandbar Mabini

Mabini Lumayag Sandbar

What to do in Lumayag Sandbar Mabini

Mabini Lumayag Sandbar - A travel Guide

When traveling always remember to bring home your garbage with you and always follow the Leave No Trace (LNT) Ethics.


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The Philippines has so many beautiful places. It definitely is something travelers shouldn’t miss. This is one of the tips again why people should go to this amazing country.

Thank you Sven.

I am from Cebu and I really wanted to go to Bohol. We will definitely include this in our itinerary soon. Thank you so much for this blog post! 🙂

You’re welcome Ann. If you need any help just send a message.

That’s amazing! I’ve never been to a sandbar like this! I guess it changes depending on conditions?

It changes depending on wind conditions. 🙂

I went to Bohol a couple years ago but I didn’t know they had a sand bar. I was too busy hanging around the tarsiers and Chocolate hills. LOL

The tarsiers and Chocolate hills is a must when in Bohol. Well this is another reason to come back to Bohol.