Land Trip Manila to Cebu: Complete Guide


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Traveling is one exciting activity I love to do. I love to travel to see places, learn new culture, and meet new people. I promise to myself to savor the beauty of the Philippines and share it with you guys. Here is a complete guide of my ever first land trip in the Philippines including several side trips along the way and of course all in different posts each.

What is land trip?

Land trip is traveling through any land transportation, and in the case of our country the Philippines that consist of various islands, riding a boat is considered a part of a long land trip.

Last Stop of a Weekend to Remember


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I was browsing at the photos when I go through the photos taken when I first went to the capital city of the Philippines. As I go over with the pictures I reached one album entitled Enchanted Kingdom. I have realized that I was not able to write the last part of my adventure last December 2010. Though two months has past the memories are still fresh