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I am lucky to live in such a beautiful province and experiencing most of its beauty makes me more than blessed. Bohol is one of the must visit places for first-time travelers in the Philippines and let me share to you one of the reasons why it is a must to visit Bohol.

Danao Bohol Travel Itinerary

About Danao

Danao is a 4th income class municipality in Bohol and located 95km northeast of Tagbilaran City. It has 17 barangays and according to last 2015 census, it has a population of 17,890. The basic source of income in the town is farming.

Travel Guide Danao, Bohol


How to Go to Danao Bohol?

From Tagbilaran

  1. Ride a bus or van from Tagbilaran City Dao Terminal to Danao market
    1. Ordinary non AC bus – 75.00
    2. AC bus –
    3. Van – 120.00

From Tubigon

  1. Ride a bus or van from Tubigon to Danao market
    1. Bus – 60.00
    2. Van –

What to do in Danao?

There are two particular things to do in Danao Bohol and that is first enjoy its natural beauty and second go for an adrenaline rush adventure.

Municipality of Danano Bohol


Sea of Clouds

If the mountains of northern Luzon is too far for you then the sea of clouds in “Laguna Mountain, Concepcion, Danao, Bohol is perfect for you. The trek is an easy pissy with nipa huts for resting.

Danao Bohol Sea of Clouds

Travel Note:

  • Tourism Ecological Fee is 25.00
  • The highest point of the mountain is 262 meters above sea level.
  • Start your trek as early as 4:30am.
  • Older travelers or for those who have problems walking on long distance can still enjoy the sea of clouds. You can stay in the first station nipa hut.
  • Bring jacket or sweater for those who get cold easily.
  • Wear proper footwear and leggings or pants for the ladies.
  • Bring water 500ml is enough.
  • There is a store in the drop of point to the sea of clouds.

Watch Sunrise

The sunrise can best be viewed when going to Laguna Mountain where the sea of clouds is also located.

Danao Bohol sunrise

Danao Rice Terraces

If you have been a Geemiz reader then you know that I adore the rice terraces and I am so happy to witness a rice terraces in Danao Bohol. The rice terraces is in the other side of the Laguna Mountain. Say hitting 3 birds with one stone when visiting this place.

Danao Bohol Rice Terraces

Plunge in Danao Adventure Park

If extreme adventure is what you are after then try the Plunge at Danao Adventure Park. It is the world’s highest canyon swing. Much higher with that of New Zealand. Plunge has a 70 meter free fall about 4 seconds fall. The launch deck is situated 200 meters above the canyon floor. Not for the faint hearted but definitely one for the book.

What to do in Danano Bohol

Other activities in Danao Adventure Park and Rates

  • Zipline (Suiselide) – 350.00
  • Skyride – 250.00
  • Extreme caving (Baliho cave) – 550.00
  • River Kayak – 300.00
  • River Trek and root climbing – 300.00
  • Root climbing with 15m Rappelling – 400.00

Where to Stay in Danao Bohol?

Ate Donnie and Sir Ponciano Suter Residence

AC room and can accommodate up to 5 persons – 500.00php

Contact number of ate Donnie – 09995170510

* This is a residential house of sir Ponciano and his wife ate Donnie. They are a very accommodating and kind couple. As of this writing they have 4 available rooms.

Danao Adventure Park

Double occupancy fan room w/ free breakfast – 900.00

Double Occupancy AC Room w/ free breakfast – 1,300.00

Extra bed w/o breakfast – 200.00

Checkin 12:00 noon check out 1:00pm the following day

Sea of Clouds in Danao Bohol

Danao Bohol Itinerary and Expenses

  • All expenses are good for 2 persons
Time Particulars Cost Notes
6:00pm Tagbilaran to Danao 240.00 Van
8:00pm Arrival in Danao
Check in ate Donnie Residence 500.00 Good for 2 – 5 persons
9:00pm Lights off
4:00am Start Tour 700.00 Good for 2 habalhabal
Sea of Clouds
7:30am Breakfast 150.00 Ate Donnie’s Eatery
8:00am Danao Adventure Park entrance fee 80.00 40 each person.
Plunge 1,400.00
skyride 500.00
9:00am Municipal hall
Back at ate Donnie’s Place
11:00am Danao to Tagbilaran 150.00 Ordinary non AC Bus
1:45pm Arrival in Tagbilaran Dao Terminal

Travel Note:

  • Bus and Van to Tagbilaran City is limited so you have to catch it on time. The transportation schedule is more likely morning Van around 7:00am, an ordinary bus at 11:00am, Van at 1:00pm.
  • Ate Donnie has an eatery in the market with affordable and delicious food.
Bohol Sea of Clouds

The highest peak to watch the sea of clouds is at 262m above sea level.

Travel Tip

  • You can drop by Sagbayan town and visit Sagbayan Peak before heading to Tagbilaran. Sagbayan is next town of Danao going to Tagbilaran.

More Beautiful Photos in Danao Bohol

Amazing Danao Bohol Sea of Clouds

Beautiful Sea of Clouds in Danao Bohol

Danao Bohol Municipality

Wonderful Bohol Sea of Clouds

The Beauty of Bohol Sea of Clouds

If you think you have covered the whole Bohol then maybe think again. There are more places to visit and adventure to go to in Bohol, and as we say it Behold Bohol.


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That sea of clouds looks like a really amazing thing to see first person. And a great place to catch the sun rise. Should be a fun trip no doubt.

It is a very fun trip and yes the sea of clouds is amazing.

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Danao but it looks beautiful!

It is a tiny town in Bohol, Philippines 🙂

Wow, what an amazing place! I would love to see the rice terraces.

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