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Camotes is very well known for its beautiful long white sand beach and wide lake. But did you know that Camotes has actually 3 major islands (Pajican, Poro and Ponson) and 1 islet (Tulang). The mainland which tourist always visit and where the known white sand beach is located and the other islands – the less touristy one.

Pilar Camotes Travel Guide

Pilar Camotes Travel Guide

About Pilar Camotes

Pilar Camotes is a 5th income municipality and one of the 3 major islands of Camotes group of islands in Cebu, Philippines. It is the only town of Ponson Island. The island has 13 barangays and is about 10.6 kilometres (6.59 mi) long and 3.7 kilometres (2.30 mi) wide. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 8,613 registered voters.

How to go to Pilar Camotes

There are so many ways to go to Pilar Camotes whether you are from Ormoc, Cebu City, Danao City or Leyte and click here for the Complete Guide on How to Go to Pilar Camotes.

What to do in Pilar Camotes

Enjoy the white sand beach. Like mainland Camotes – Pilar Camotes is an island with a white sand beach. Enjoy swimming in the pristine blue sea.

White sand beach in Pilar Camotes

Cliff Dive at Coraza’s Cliffyard Resort. The cliff may not be as high of the one in Buho Rock Resort but it is equally adrenaline rising.

Coraza's Cliffyard Pilar Camotes

Dive at Pilar Municipal Marine Park. In 2009 the Pilar Marine Park in the Municipality of Pilar was awarded the prestigious “Most outstanding Marine Protected Area of the Philippines”.

Pilar Municipal Marine Park

Enjoy the Sunset. I can say that Pilar Camotes has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen.

Travel guide Pilar Camotes

Kayaking in the crystal clear and super blue seawater.

What to do in Ponson island Pilar Camotes

Talk with the locals. I have been to more than 20 provinces of the Philippines and the people of Camotes are among the friendliest, kindest and warmest I have met.

What to do in Pilar Camotes

Walk and feel the peacefulness of province life. Experience living a slow-paced life.

Things to do in Pilar Camotes

Disconnect yourself. The island has limited mobile signal and internet connection. This is the best time to meditate or just talk with each other.

Top Things to do in Pilar Camotes

Where to Stay in Pilar Camotes

Coraza’s Cliffyard Resort

This is where we stayed and we highly recommend this resort. The resort is highly affected by typhoon Yolanda so the place is under renovation but there is one building where there are available AC Rooms. Read here the full review of Coraza’s Cliff Yard Resort. Kiddie pool, cliff jumping (during high tide), rooftop for star gazing, videoke, cook your own food or ask owners for them to prepare your food.

Where to stay in Pilar Camotes

Rate: 1000.00php per room.

Accommodation: 2 beds but the room can accommodate 4-5 persons.

Contact Number: Nita Coraza – 09997870660

Location: Cawit, Pilar, Camotes


Moabag Reef and Resort

This is a new resort on the island. They have 12 available rooms, swimming pool, bar and restaurant, and wifi.

Pilar Camotes where to stay

Rate: Around 2, 500.00 to 3,000.00php per room. With free breakfast.

Accommodation: Good for 2 persons Add 500.00php for each additional person

Contact Number:

Location: Moabag, Pilar, Camotes


Cawit Beach Resort.

This is the resort near the Warf and white sand public beach. Ac rooms, no swimming pool.

places to stay in Pilar Camotes

Rate: Around 1, 800.00php for 2 persons.

Accommodation: Good for 2 persons Add 500.00php for each additional person

Contact Number:

Location: Cawit, Pilar, Camotes

Did you know that even though Pilar Camotes is part of Cebu province it is geographically near Leyte? Visit here Travel Guide 3 Day Tour Kalanggaman, Ormoc City, and Camotes.


Travel Tip and what to expect in Pilar Camotes

  1. The resorts and the fun area is in Cawit, Pilar Camotes.
  2. The night ends early in the island like 7:00pm early.
  3. Night swimming in the public beach is available, there is one resort near the Cawit public beach.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from the people, they are really accommodating.
  5. There is one boat that travels directly to Cawit Pilar Camotes from Cebu via Danao City – please click here.

Complete Travel Guide Pilar Camotes

If a peaceful place with a great view is what you are looking for then head on to Pilar, Camotes.


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