The Sleeping Beautiful Island of Pilar Camotes


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Camotes is very well known for its beautiful long white sand beach and wide lake. But did you know that Camotes has actually 3 major islands (Pajican, Poro and Ponson) and 1 islet (Tulang). The mainland which tourist always visit and where the known white sand beach is located and the other islands – the less touristy one.

Pilar Camotes Travel Guide

Pilar Camotes Travel Guide

About Pilar Camotes

Pilar Camotes is a 5th income municipality and one of the 3 major islands of Camotes group of islands in Cebu, Philippines. It is the only town of Ponson Island. The island has 13 barangays and is about 10.6 kilometres (6.59 mi) long and 3.7 kilometres (2.30 mi) wide. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 8,613 registered voters.

How to Go To Pilar Camotes


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Camotes in Cebu province is rich in beautiful white sand beaches and good hearted people. In this article let me guide you on how to go to the less touristy other island the Ponson Island of Camotes group of islands or better known as Pilar Camotes.

How to go to Pilar Camotes

How to go to Pilar, Camotes?


Via Cebu City

Cebu to Pilar Camotes

  1. Ride the Oceanjet fast craft in pier 1 to Poro Camotes.
    1. Cebu City to Camotes Fare is 500.00 php.
    2. Boat schedule Cebu City to Camotes is Daily 6:00am and 3:00pm.
    3. Travel time Cebu City to Camotes is 1.5 hours.

Travel Guide: 3 Day Kalanggaman Island, Ormoc City, Camotes Island


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Babe and I are not your conventional traveler.  We do not stay in one place when we travel especially if we are wandering around the Philippines in which most islands are just 1 or 2 boat hours away from one another. In this three day long weekend we decided to visit three islands in three days with a friend and my sister.

Kalanggaman Ormoc Camotes Itinerary

Kalanggaman Island, Ormoc City, Camotes Island Travel Itinerary and Expenses



Cebu City to Kalanggaman Island via Bogo City, Cebu


Time Particulars Cost/person
4:30am Van to Bogo 200.00php

Beyond Mount Mago


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Reaching the top of Mount Mago or Mago Peak, the group meet tatay Sonny. After exchanging several stories we found our self, following him to his place which he said is only a 30-minute descent from Mago Peak. The rest 6 hours is an adventure of walking on a steep, winding and muddy mountain under a signal 1 Tropical storm warning – yes it was raining.

What to do in Mago Peak

It was holy week. Long good 4 days without work and after completing all holy week rituals what better way to spend it than climb a mountain.

A Guide to Mount Mago: A Boundary Climb


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Have you been to two places at the same time? Of course you have been and in fact many times. But! Have you been in one place for three locations at the same time? Not impossible if you climb Mago Peak, a mountain located within the boundaries of three northern Cebu municipalities namely Carmen, Danao and Tuburan.

Travel Guide to Mago Peak or Mt Mago

Day Hike Travel Guide to Mago Peak or Mt. Mago via Santican, Carmen, Cebu

One of the many beautiful mountains of Cebu that you should try to hike is Mount Mago. An experience you will not forget and regret.

Dog Café for the Love of Dogs and Blended Drinks


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Themed café has been sprouting like mushrooms in Cebu City and for the love of animals like cats and dogs, it won’t be long that a dedicated café to fit this affection will rise.

Cat café has long been known with its fame started in Japan. In Cebu if you’re a blended drink fan with a thing about cats then you can visit the Cat Café in Guadalupe, Cebu City and for the dog lovers there is also for you.

Dog Cafe in Cebu


Lovey Doggy Dog Café


Lovey Doggy Dog Cafe

Cebu Happy World Museum: Imagination to the Fullest


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A person’s imagination is no bound. It can go as far as conquering the world to diving the deepest Marianas Trench.

Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

Cebu Happy World Museum

What if some of your imaginations can get real, well in photos to be exact? How would you like to have wings like birds and fairies or run away from dinosaurs?  Would you mind painting the Monaliza or traverse some mountains and teared up bridges? How about watching up close a Manny Pacquiao fight and visiting ancient Egypt afterwards?

3D Art Cebu Museum

Travel Guide: Waterfalls in South Cebu


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Cebu is one of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines and is best known for its annual celebration, the Sinulog Festival. During summer, visitor flocks the island to visit the pretty beaches both in the north and south.

South Cebu Waterfalls


Did you know that Cebu is also rich in waterfalls? This article will guide you to visit 5 enchanting waterfalls in the South part of Cebu in just 2 days plus side trips to the highest point of Cebu, a heritage park in the South, and a tasty ice cream.

South Cebu itinerary

Complete Itinerary Cebu South Waterfalls


Cebu Tourism Festival for September 2015


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When ber month starts it means Christmas is just around the corner. This is the time of the year where family and friends get together. Celebrate Christmas early in September by joining the Cebu Tourism Festival.

The Cebu Tourism Festival is a month long activity of cultural shows, weekend markets in the highlands, Cebu Province Tours and a lot more.

Cebu Tourism Festival List of Activities

  • Highlands Adventure and Tabo sa Bukid – Fun-filled weekend. Grab your market basket and enjoy fresh and Cebu grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental plants and more. Optional Tour includes caving, trekking and hikes. For High Land Tours call Cebu City Tourism Commission at (032) 412-4355 at least 24 hours before the tour.

Cebu Cat Cafe so Furpect


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Do you rent your place in Cebu City but pets are not allowed?

Do you love cats?

Do you rent in Cebu City but pets are not allowed and you love cats?

There is this place in Guadalupe Cebu that you will for sure love.

Cat Cafe

Simply said it is a cafe with inhouse domesticated fluffy cats. The very first cat cafe was opened in Taiwan and because of its popularity many countries have adopted the same theme. Japan sets the record of having at least 37 cat cafes.