Crossing Border Thailand to Cambodia by Bus for Filipinos


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Thailand is very much known as the backpacker’s haven in Southeast Asia. Cambodia on the other hand is where you can find the largest religious monument in the world. Since both are just adjacent then why not visit the other country if you are visiting the other. And crossing the border by land is what makes your travel memorable.

Crossing Border Bangkok to Siem Reap


Crossing Border Thailand to Cambodia for Filipinos

First things first, since Philippines is part of ASEAN all Philippines Passport Holders is visa free to visit all ASEAN member countries. Visit here visa policies towards Filipino nationals.

Northern Area

If you are in the northern area your bus station is the Mo Chit Bus Station also called Northern Bus Terminal, Mo Chit 2 or Chatuchak Bus Terminal. This guide is for you.

  1. Ride a taxi.
  2. By Skytrain
    1. Go to station Ratchathewi or Siam, then ride skytrain to the north (8 stations)
    2. Get down at Mo Chit station.
    3. From Mo Chit Station
      1. Free shuttle bus to Mo Chit Bus Station
      2. Ride a taxi or tuktuk to Mo Chit Bus Station
    4. By bus
      1. Take bus number 3, 157 and 159.
      2. Travel time is 1 hour.
      3. Get down at Mo Chit Bus Terminal
      4. Walk 5 minutes to Mo Chit Bus Station

Bangkok to Siem Reap Travel Guide

Travel Tip

  • Many buses leave from Mo Chit Bus Station at different times.
  • Travel early when going to Mo Chit bus Station because of heavy traffic in this area.
  • Nearest BTS/MRT station is about 2.5km away.

Eastern Area

If you are in the eastern area like Ekkamai, your bust station going to the border is the Ekkamai Bus Terminal also called the Eastern Bus Terminal.

  1. Ride a taxi
  2. By skytrain
    1. We rode from Bangchak Skytrain station to Ekkamai Skytrain
    2. Walk 5 minutes to Ekkamai Bus Terminal

Ekkamai Bus Station

Travel Tip

  • This is the fastest way to the border.
  • The Ekkamai Bus Station is just below the BTS station, which makes it easy to go to.
  • Limited number of buses.

Bangkok to Aranyaprethet/Poipet (Thai-Cambodia Border)

  1. From Mo Chit Terminal (Northern Bus Terminal)
    1. Bus schedule is from 6:00am onwards.
    2. Fare is between 200 – 250 baht on air-conditioned bus.
    3. Make sure to specify that your intended destination is the border (also known as Rong Kluea on the Thai side of the border)
    4. Travel time is 5.5 – 6 hours with short breaks along the way.
  2. From Ekkamai Terminal (Eastern Bus Terminal)
    1. Bus schedule – 6:30am, 8:30am, 10:00am, 1:00pm
    2. Fare is 200 baht.
    3. The bus stops at Rong Kluea market.
    4. Travel time is 5 – 5.5 hours.
    5. Mini air-conditioned bus available for 220 baht that will drop you off at the visa center.

Crossing Border Thailand to Cambodia for Filipinos


Rong Kluea Bus Station to Immigration Center

  1. Walk and pass by a huge market.
  2. Ride motorbike taxi or tuktuk for 20 – 50 baht (depending on bargaining skills)
    1. It is certain that this taxis or tuktuk will drop you off at a big white building called “Visa Center” just tell the driver that you already have a visa.
    2. You will be drop off in a covered walk way.
    3. Walk around 50 meters where you can see a line to the immigration office.

bangkok to Siem Reap by land Travel guide


Thailand and Cambodia Border Immigration

  1. Prepare your Thailand Immigration Departure Card and fill out the form.
  2. Line to the Thai immigration takes 1 hour and more during weekends.
  3. Line up at the Foreigners Lane.
  4. The immigration officer will remove the Thailand Immigration attached to your passport when you entered Thailand then stamp your passport for exiting the country.

Thailand Immigration in Border

  1. Get out from the office and follow the walk way until you will reach the Cambodian Arch.
  2. Walk pass through hotels and casinos, make sure you eye the small building of the Cambodia Immigration Office in the right side.
  3. Fill out the Immigration Arrival and Departure card.
  4. Line up for another hour or more.
  5. The immigration will get your arrival card and will stamped your passport. Keep your departure card.

Travel Guide Crossing Border Bangkok to Siem Reap

  1. Beside the immigration center is the shuttle station, where you wait for the free shuttle bus that will bring you to the bust station.
    1. International Tourist Terminal – 1.5km east.
    2. Poipet Tourist Passenger International Terminal – 9km east. Around 15 minutes travel time.
  2. Border to Siem Reap Fare
    1. Bus and van fare is $10 – $11
    2. Taxi for 4 is $45 – $50 (make sure that you agree with the driver first of the price)

Myanmar Immigration

Travel Tip

  • FILIPINOS are VISA FREE in Thailand and Cambodia.
  • There are many Thai’s going to the border on weekend, so expect long lines in the border.
  • Take extra care of your belongings when in the border.
  • Politely decline every time you are approached for a certain service like visa or transportation rides.
  • Buy extra water. Both lines in the immigration are long and hot.
  • No Picture taking inside immigration office.
  • Always bring a pen. ( Filling out immigration forms)

If you want to experience the most about traveling then I highly encourage that you try crossing borders from one country to the other. The thrill on long land trips, the excitement on facing immigration officers, watching the amazing view of a different place and interacting with both locals and other tourist are so worth it.


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Hi! My name is Pau and I just would like to ask a few questions, you see me and my friends will be doing tri-country trip this 2nd week of August and I just want to make sure that “well yea” we don’t wanna get scammed. I read your blog and find it very informative for us doing this trip next month. I just would like to ask, when did you did the crossing of boarder trip? and what can you advise about taking the bus from Mo Chit or Ekkamai? I just want to make sure that we don’t waste money since were doing this with a backpackers budget. 🙂

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Pau
We traveled last February 2012 but all cost listed in this article are all updated.

For the bus, our bus experience from Ekkamai is great. It is spacious and comfortable. So far no one has approcahed us ni Ekkamai Bus Station for a shady transportation transaction. Enjoy your vacation and please let us know how it goes.

Hi again! I see you took the bus from Ekkamai Station. What time was the bus departure? I was also thinking we could take the train since its another experience for this trip but I’m still not certain on which transportation we should take since I am also weighing the budget at the same time the travel time.

Hi Pau, the bust we rode left around 8:00am. I suggest to ride the bus but agree that the train will give a different experience.

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